North Carolina Foot Fight

We may never see a better cast of characters than Tiger King, but the next best thing comes from the documentary Finders Keepers.

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 3.10.47 PM.png

In the first two minutes the main character, John Wood (above) ... 

  • Gets into a plane crash
  • Has his leg amputated 
  • Convinces the surgeon to let him keep it
  • Realizes he doesn't know where to put an entire human leg (skin and all)
  • Stores the leg in a Hardee's freezer
  • Hardee's Manger gets pissed because the leg is stored on top of the sausage gravy during breakfast rush
  • Manager gives the leg back via the drive-thru window
  • Stores the leg in his a shed
  • Starts abusing alcohol, opioids, and crack
  • Embalms the leg with a turkey baster, in a roasting pan
  • Puts the leg in an opossum cage that he hangs in a tree to dry out
  • Gets evicted 
  • Stores the leg in his smoker grill
  • Puts the smoker grill in a storage unit 

That's when the mummified leg finds its way into the hands of Shannon Whisnant aka The Foot Man

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 3.10.38 PM.png

The two go back and forth until custody of the leg must be settled by the highest court in the land ... 


Judge Greg Mathis

The beginning is hilariously petty, and it's just getting started. In the end the documentary has substance - how to handle loss, addiction, and family relationships.  It's good mix of laughs and real world drama. 

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