You're Welcome, Liverpool. Chelsea Beat Man City 2-1 and Win The Premier League For Liverpool.

You're welcome, Liverpool!

This is just what Chelsea does. They win titles. Even when they aren't involved in the title race, per se. They won the league for Leicester City in the 2015/16 campaign, and now, they've done it for Liverpool. Just goes to show that Chelsea... find a way. Every. Time. People actually hate the fact that you can win a title without being on the field. Those people are feeble-minded and should blame the team that came in second for having no guts (see: Tottenham, Man City).  They won't get the trophy until the last home game of the year anyway, so what does it really matter? That's what you get when you play a table-based league. 

What a goal. When I saw this my eyeballs nearly melted out of my face. It's an American Chelsea fan's dream. Mendy coughs the ball up with some of the most pace we've seen at the Bridge in quite some time. Not to mention the fact that he sells Mendy a bag of chips and slots it past Ederson to give the Chels a 1-0 lead. When he scored this goal, the result just kind of felt written in the stars if you will. Get used to this pace by the way with Werner joining him next year they're only gonna get faster and sharper in the attack. 

De Bruyne tied it up with a spectacular free-kick. World-class. Everytime I see KDB do well it just makes me angry at the old Chelsea regime for never giving their great youth shots in the first team. Then again, they were too busy winning titles left and right to be worried about playing youth. That's neither nor here though, I'm clearly not mad about it. 

In classic Chels fashion, they never say die. That, and of course, Fernandinho pulling a Luiz Suarez by just punching the ball off the line.

Willian steps up, as cool as ya like, and seals the title for Liverpool. All the credit in the world to this Chelsea team for winning this Premier League. Hopefully, the Chels can wrap up top-four within the next few weeks and make it easier on themselves going into the 3-0 deficit we face in the Champions League. Fucking Bayern. 

for Liverpool

In all seriousness, congrats to Liverpool for a league title for the first time in a gazillion years. They deserved it, they're probably the best club in the world right now despite their early UCL exit. All I'm saying is cherish it. You never know when the next one is gonna come. It's been 30 years since it might be another 30 years until you win again. It's a shame Liverpool couldn't be invincible so Arsenal fans could finally shut up about it. I mean seriously, how many times can you talk about a season from 2004? Apparently a lot. 

Just be ready for this next Premier League season because I have a feeling Chelsea might be in a similar situation. They'll be playing to win the title themselves though. The new signings and the current transfer targets suggest that Chelsea could very well be in the title race. It certainly wouldn't shock this guy.