Outrage After an Aussie School Bans Mullets

Source - An Australian school has sparked uproar after banning students from having the popular mullet hairstyle. 

The mullet, in which the hair is grown long at the back of the head and shorter on top and at the front, is seen by many as a typically Australian haircut - the country even hosts its own mullet-themed festival.

But it appears to have gained a mixed reputation, with some bars refusing people with a mullet entry in recent months. 

And the Mater Dei school in Perth appears to be the latest institution to wage war against the popular haircut. 

The school is reported to have sent a letter to parents telling them not to come to school with a mullet, which "is seen as an extreme hairstyle"

The letter, shared to Reddit, adds that the mullet is "not in keeping with the personal presentation of a Mater Dei student.”

“If your son currently has this style, please ensure this is rectified by the start of Term 3.”

The letter sparked debate online, with one commenter calling the ban "class war" and "anti-Australian."

This is a perfect example of one of the great philosophical debates of all time. One that has been going on since the days of Aristotle but is as fresh as today's headlines. It's that clash of individual rights versus the greater public good. It's trying to find that line where a person's right to self-determination ends and another person's right to enjoy their life begins. It's a clash between free expression of one and the pursuit of happiness of the other. 

On the one hand, yes, an individual does and should have the right to a terrible hairstyle. On the other, Mater Dei is a private school, and thereby has the right to a strict dress code for all its students, who attend by their own choice and therefore agree to abide by all regulations. On the other, other hand, parents pay tuition so that Mater Dei will prepare their sons for life. And the school would be derelict in their duty if they send these young men into the world with mullets. Plain and simple. 

I'm sure this decision was not easy. The mullet is more than a haircut. It's a way of life. The mulletted do not give them up without a fight and the school had to know there would be blowback. Just like the one the pubs in Australia are experiencing. The so-called Mullet Uprising:

So I hope they're prepared for war. It's going to be Mad Max in the outback over this. An army of Business in the Front, Party in the Back warriors, all jacked up on 90s JCVD movies. An armada of guys in bass boats with hunting dogs in the front, cranking Billy Ray Cyrus on their boom boxes, descending upon the school from the water, and laying siege. Backed up by a horde of young soldiers inspired by their godking, Joe Exotic.

Still, I'm on the side of the Mater Dei on this one. Just because you have the freedom to do a thing doesn't mean you should do it. For instance, it's technically legal to walk into a public building without a Covid mask, but for now you shouldn't. By the same token, it's perfectly legal to contract syphilis, but I wouldn't recommend it. No one's outlawed being a New York Jets fan, but no one in their right mind would be one, either. 

The bottom line is, Mater Dei is doing you guys a favor. Accept it and be grateful. The hairdo doesn't last forever but your yearbook photo is eternal.