Jeff Bezos Has Bought The Naming Rights To Seattle's Arena And Is Calling It "Climate Pledge Arena"


Well that's certainly something. I don't hate it. I've thought about this sort of thing a lot..why do stadiums/arenas have to be named after companies? I've always wanted some rich dude to buy the naming rights to a stadium and just name it after himself or name it something funny. Because the thing is, naming rights aren't even that expensive if you're rich as fuck. $6.5 million a year is a pretty sick bargain. Like I'm hoping Will Ferrell gets bored one day and decides to outbid everyone else and then buys naming rights and calls it Dale Doback Arena. Best money ever spent.

So while "Climate Pledge Arena" isn't quite as funny, at least it's not "Amazon Arena". Borrrrringggggg. And I'm sure the green initiative stuff is fine and dandy as well. Zero carbon emissions sounds wonderful, right?! 

It's such a Bezos move though. Dude is so bored. He has so much money he's legit bored of having money. He doesn't know what to do with himself. Isn't he spending like $100 million to build a clock in a mountain? He's running out of ideas. He probably won't even remember he owns the naming rights to the arena in a few years once he upgrades his robot chips and gets a new batch of lizard blood to keep him alive for the next 200 years. 



PS: And yes, dude has enough money to theoretically snap his fingers and end every climate/humanitarian problem in the world, but that's neither here nor there, we're just talking about naming rights right now. I always envision there is a bigger reason why things in the world need to be the way they are. Illuminati shit. But that's for a different blog.