NASCAR Releases Photo From Bubba Wallace's Garage

I'm pretty sure you don't because it has been one of the biggest stories in the nation over the past few days but if you need to catch up on what's happening in NASCAR, click above. 

What had not been released yet had been the picture from Bubba Wallace's garage that launched the investigation. NASCAR released said photo today:

Let's review the past month. 

Late May: George Floyd's murder.

May - June: Nationwide protests.

Early June: Bubba Wallace, NASCAR's lone black driver in the cup, calls for the confederate flag to be removed from NASCAR races.

Early June: NASCAR bans confederate flags from NASCAR races. A lot of fans (I believe it to be the minority of fans, but they were certainly a loud minority) were very angry with this decision. 

Race Before Talladega: Bubba Wallace races in BLM car. 

Saturday Before Talladega: Crew member of Bubba Wallace reports noose found in garage. 

Based on the last few weeks, I think a logical thinker can understand the response, especially after seeing that photo. 

There is also this from NASCAR:

NASCAR releasing this doesn't mean they're saying there was a hate crime targeted against Bubba Wallace. Instead, it backs up their response and call for an investigation. That pull-down garage rope is tied like a noose. You can't deny that. I can't help to feel there's probably a better way to tie that rope than how it is currently tied. Although, it does appear to look like it did in October 2019:


I said this in my last blog, but Bubba Wallace being compared to Jussie Smollet is just wrong. 

Can you be mad at him for doing media interviews and not saying "hey guys, there was certainly a noose in my garage, but let's let the FBI finish their investigation first?" Yeah, sure, that's your right. That doesn't make him Jussie Smollet, the guy that by all evidence faked a hate crime. Bubba Wallace did nothing of that sort.