So There Is Apparently Going To Be A Live-Action Magic School Bus Movie?

Elizabeth Banks will play Ms. Frizzle in the live-action hybrid adaptation of the beloved books and '90s animated series The Magic School Bus.

Scholastic Entertainment will develop the film along with Banks' Brownstone Productions, Mary Poppins Returns banner Marc Platt Productions and Universal Pictures.

I LOVED The Magic School Bus growing up. To be very clear I am talking about the animated series and not the book series because I'm not some damn nerd. If I'm going to be subliminally taught math, science etc. you bet your ass it's going to be with moving pictures and not any dork-ass words. Here are some moments that always stuck out for me:

The episode where they go inside Arnold's body:

And the follow up clip that came years later 

The Jurassic Park episode 

The episode where they go to space. Specifically the part when Arnold took his helmet off on Pluto 

Man, Arnold DIED just to prove a point! That's a level of petty I can get behind, but when his head turned into a block of ice it scared me for life. Fucking dumbass Janet. 

Anyway, I don't think this movie idea is good news. I like Elizabeth Banks as an actress and think she could actually pull off a pretty good Ms. Frizzle, but this is a property that I don't think lends itself well to live action. The obviously episodic nature of the show was great because you could split each lesson up into its own self-contained "lesson" so to speak. What theme would they try to teach over the course of a single movie? Would it be one single theme? Or would they try to stick a bunch into the longer runtime? Beyond that, I think the idea behind the magic school bus is best visualized through the animated medium. I TRULY do not care to see what the CGI Magic school bus is going to look like. But here is a Kenjac guarantee: When the first images of that CGI school bus are released, it is going to get roasted into Bolivian on social media.