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49ers DL Solomon Thomas Bought His Dad a Tesla After He Drove the Same Car Since Solomon Was in Fourth Grade

Solomon Thomas gave his dad his Father's Day present a few days late, but I don't think his dad was too upset about that part once he saw what it was.

In his Instagram post, Thomas said his father had been driving the same car since Solomon was in fourth grade and he wanted to get him a nice upgrade for Father's Day. I'd say a Tesla ought to do the trick.

It's so cool to see acts of kindness like this when you can tell how appreciative someone is of it. When his dad got in and said, "Well come on, let's go for a ride," that hit different.

I know some people may say it cheapens things like this to film them and put them on social media, but I love watching stuff like this. And selfishly, if I just bought somebody an $80,000 present, I think I'd film it to get their reaction and maybe just let people know I'm awesome at giving gifts.

Thomas's father also has the most perfect dad laugh I've ever heard in my life. I don't know how to describe exactly what I mean when I say that, but I know it when I hear it.

Solomon Thomas seems like a great dude and I hope he has a great year for San Francisco in 2020 and beyond.