If You're in the Market For Some Good Ol' One-Sided Redskins Propaganda, The Washington Times Will Be The Way To Go



WT - The Washington Times and the Washington Redskins announced a unique partnership that will make the newspaper a content and marketing partner of the team. Under the partnership, the Redskins and the Times will collaborate on unique content offerings throughout the year designed to provide Redskins fans with compelling, timely and unique coverage. The offerings will include a weekly “Redskins Weekend Game Guide,” which will wrap the front page of the Times’ print edition each Friday during the NFL season and a new free digital magazine called “The Redskins Report,” which will showcase exclusive content about the Redskins. Both features are expected to launch in August. In addition, Times’ sports reporters, such as Thom Loverro and Zac Boyer, will provide commentary and analysis on selected Redskins‘ radio and TV shows and also appear on the team’s online pregame show and the halftime shows. The halftime show also appears on FedExField’s HD video boards during halftime. The team will provide the Times with commentaries and access to players, coaches and front office personnel that will be incorporated into the Times’ weekly guides, digital magazine and special sections. The partners will use their marketing assets to grow their respective social media followers, email databases and subscription products.


Dan Snyder continues his crusade to turn DC into his own miniature It’s a Wonderful Life Pottersville, this time by scooping up a newspaper to publish whatever he says. In case you are under the age of 50, a newspaper is a thing where they take news stories and print them on paper for you to read a day after it all happened. Actually surprised he didn’t just buy the newspaper, as he did with one of the local sports talk stations (AM radio still exists apparently), as he did with the biggest Redskins message board, and as he controls every iota of the media that he can. Fuck, he sued the Washington City Paper and the columnist after he said a few bad words about the team. Snyder is a psychopath.

Moves like this, just simply controlling a newspaper’s (even if nobody reads it) coverage of a team, is why people read blogs and fan-run websites and not newspapers. It’s why Kevin Clancy is widely considered one of the top 5 sportswriters in America. Because newspapers are irrelevant cum rags who can be bought by a billionaire to spread bullshit propaganda about the team. If they have another clusterfuck of the season, how will they be allowed to call out the ownership and front office when they are in this “partnership” with them? It’s just a bad look. Newspapers are dinosaurs, and the meteor has never been closer. Even Dan Snyder’s money can’t save them.

What sucks is I’m so optimistic about this season, but can’t help but hate Snyder even more every time he does anything but sign DeSean Jackson.