HELL. YES. We Just Got The Best News Of The Day - Churchill Downs Will Have Fans For The Kentucky Derby

Fuck. Yes. This is awesome news. I don't care if it's still TBD how many fans will be at Churchill for the Derby. I don't care if there are strict rules. There will be fans for the Derby and that's all that matters. I've said it before, but there's nothing like Derby weekend in Kentucky. Bars are open until 6am. You never know who you end up partying with at the bar. Oaks is the day for Louisville. That's the city special and that's legit a more fun day than Derby day. It doesn't matter if you sit in the infield (you're not sitting) or sitting in a real seat, you need to go to the Derby once in your life. It's such a perfect party weekend. 

Not to mention this is just good news in general that there will be fans at a sporting event. I think we all know and expect that there won't be stadiums at full capacity, but give me just a few fans. Give me fans ESPECIALLY during this stretch in Kentucky/around the country: 

But for now this is a win. I don't care if 4 of the top-10 horses are already out for the Derby. We're going to watch the biggest race of the year with fans. I don't care if it's September and not the first Saturday in May. The Kentucky Derby is just special to the Commonwealth and it's one of those things it could be at any time and everyone will celebrate. We get that for a weekend again and I can't fucking wait.