Wake Up With Mike Tyson Recapping Everything He Spent Money On In The First 33 Months After Being Let Out Of Prison

Quick recap, in the 33 months after getting out of prison in 1995 Mike Tyson spent: 

- $4.5 million on cars and motorcycles

- He gave cars to 15 woman and 2 men

- Crashed his rolls roayce and told the cops to keep it

- Spent $240k per month walking around money ($7.9 million in cash total on nothing)

- $100k month on jewelry and clothes ($3.3 million total)


- $300k on lawncare

- A house with 38 bathrooms 

^^That's all within three years of getting out of prison. In his career he made $400 million and spent $450 million. So why am I telling you this? For no reason whatsoever other than the fact that it's fascinating. Have a great Thursday.