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The Verizon Center Ice Is Ready And I've Never Been More Ready

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 5.15.04 PM


Since I’ve been alive, besides those few terrible rebuilding years the Caps have always been in the playoffs. We’ve never won a Cup though, believe me, I know. It’s basically all I care about. Me and my best friend growing up would walk to school and all we’d talk about is how we’d buy Cup tickets. We were like 11 and stupid and had no idea how expensive they were, but we figured we’d find a way. Well now I’m 26 and still haven’t seen a Cup. Got there once, but got swept. So yea, forgive for believing in my guys. Last year when the Caps didn’t make the playoffs it sucked. It sucked hard. So seeing the postseason ice back to how it should be makes me feel great inside. Only 1 team can win. It’s hard as fuck to win. But why not the Caps? All the pieces are there. Ultimately, one fan base out of the 16 who made the playoffs will be disappointed. So yea, being the rational person I am I get there’s a good chance it’ll be me. But it’s that glimmer of hope that this can be the year and that’ll make it all worth it.



h/t Clare for the pic