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Let's Rate Matty Matheson's Italian Beef

Can I tell you guys a secret?

...I have never heard of Matty Matheson until people were tweeting this at me this week. After doing some research I can confirm that it's my fault/I must've been living under a rock because the guy is pretty damn popular. Off the cuff he seems like a fun Action Bronson type of dude who can goof around which is cool.

Okay, enough about me not having my shit together and onto the Italian beef...

Beef - It looks a little too choppy like a Philly Cheesesteak, but overall not too bad.

Bread - Definitely a hoagie type roll and not the standard cut of French bread so I can't give it too high of a grade.

Giardiniera - Onions?! Matty, it all looked great until you threw an onion in there. You didn't have to do that, my guy! Absolutely no onions in the giard!

Overall - 5.8


His enthusiasm for the sandwich and his love for Chicago was enough to bump me up a few points. I'm a sucker for that shit and he seemed like he really meant it and is a good dude so I'll move it up to a...


Let me know when you're in town, Matty. I'll take you for a beef that will make your head spin.