You're Going To Be Shocked, But LaVar Ball Doesn't Want The Warriors To Draft LaMelo Because 'Melo Ain't No Follower'

Ahh, hell yes, this is the good stuff. It's been too long since LaVar really went full LaVar with a quote and we're starting to get there. This week is typically NBA Draft week, which is no joke one of my favorite times of the year. I'm a sucker for the draft. There's always a couple storylines that blow up, but with LaMelo, there's going to be so much talked about. 

And now we have LaVar trying to dictate who does and who doesn't draft LaMelo. LaVar knows what he's doing here. He speaks up directly about shit like this hoping that it scares a team like Golden State away. The thing is, he ain't necessarily wrong. I don't love how LaMelo fits in with Golden State. Well, let me clarify a bit more. I think LaMelo fits within Golden State's system, but they are loaded in the backcourt and unless they get rid of Wiggins and play LaMelo/Klay/Steph together, it doesn't make a lot of sense. 

I know people want to shake their head when it comes to LaMelo because they remember him as the scrawny kid cherry picking to score 90 points. Instead he grew to 6'7", is a really damn good passer and can still score. There is no one in this class that has improved more than LaMelo. Him going over to Australia was the best thing for him. He played in a decent pro league, against guys that had some run in the NBA. More importantly he produced while over there. That says a lot, no matter what you think about the kid or his family. 

It's still going to be bizarre seeing the Warriors with a high pick. I'm fascinated with what they decide to do. For me, they should take James Wiseman and you have a young big now. Plus, the biggest knock on Wiseman is that he doesn't love the game, so you put him in the Golden State system and snap that quick. Or I could see them 100% trading the pick for vets that fit what they need now for another title run. 

Either way, we have LaVar back. We have ridiculous quotes. We're almost back to normal, folks.