Toledo vs Tennessee...Homecoming


There are two perspectives I have on tonight’s game. The first comes from a place of loyalty, but truth. I will follow Coach Duggs to the end of the world. I am a coach for the Toledo Rockets before anything else. My loyalty is to wherever our leader takes us. I was a Quality Control Coach sending late night tape. He took us to the top of the world, he led us to a National Championship and made sure everyone was compensated with their due credit, selfless. I love coaching with Duggs and I love Toledo, but it’s not my home. 

Everyone knows Duggs loves Knoxville, and you will hear a roar like never before when that man walks back into Neyland Stadium. 


My home, the place that I felt embraced me the most is in Knoxville.  This is the most important game of my coaching career, second only to the National Championship. Tennessee is where I was given my shot, we were 1-2, losses to VT and Florida, that team had so much heart and thrived through the adversity. I loved Stefan Cheah, I love Rico Burgerton, Neyland Stadium is home, but this is business. 

Rico Burgerton will not be a factor tonight. The defensive improvement over the last two seasons is undeniable. Look for Toledo to stop the Voltuneers early and jump to a lead, minimizing the ability to run and utilize Rico. Robert Roberto and Dilbert have a lot to play for tonight, but specifically Cade and Bam Bam have to shine bright bright. These Vol DB’s are going to get exposed and there will be shots taken tonight. I expect a 2 possession win. Composure Cat is headed straight for an undefeated season with keys to the city, he’s actually good and the haters can’t stand it. ROCKET UP.