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This IG Model Is DYING For Someone To Come Rescue Her In The Jungle!!!

I sure as hell won't be because I'm a fat disgusting midget, but I hope that at least ONE of you has the balls to give it a shot! I mean if I walked into a jungle with a little piece of cloth hanging over my complete average wang, I'd helplessly piss myself at the sight of a girl this pretty. I mean goddamn! What a woman.

Now that I have your attention, let's get down to brass tacks: tonight myself, Honk, Glenny Balls, Muj and that moron Smitty have a HUGE live stream that you should check out because A. it'll be very entertaining and B. you have nothing better to do.

Until then, enjoy a pictorial of the lovely miss Ashley Gottfredson:

Also, we're live now: 

Let's cook.