According To Will Ferrell, Wedding Crashers 2 Is Officially In The Works!

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Wedding Crashers came out the summer after my freshman year of college and, for me, it's one of those movies that brings back fantastic memories. I was home from school, all my high school buddies were home from school, and we all knew it was likely the last time we would all be together. (It was.) Internships would start the following year, study abroads, jobs, whatever, but at least we had these three months.

And, man, we DESTROYED that summer.

Somewhere in between running away from cops, late nights at the Oui, and TCU parties, we all went to see Wedding Crashers and I can easily say, I haven't had a theatre experience like it since. Frankly, I don't know that you can. In 2005 people weren't online like today, and they definitely weren't Tweeting movie spoilers. So when we walked into that theatre we didn't have a bunch of extra information about the movie, we only knew what was in the trailer.  

I will never forget the moment a tall, dark shadow started walking ever so slowly down the stairs. Everyone knew it was going to be good and that made the build-up almost unbearable - it felt like an eternity! WHO THE FUCK IS THAT??? SHOW US! 


The moment Will Ferrell stepped out of that shadow, the ENTIRE theatre erupted in laughter! I mean the ENTIRE theatre. I can still hear it. I've never experienced anything like it, before or after. Sure, I've been to theatres or plays where people laugh during funny moments, but nothing like this. This was special. 

And now that same sexy, meatloaf-loving man is telling us part two is officially coming??? 

"Wedding Crashers 2, yeah. I think we can just say it's being written," Ferrell told E! News.

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HELL YES! I love Wedding Crashers! Not just because of the memories that come with it, but because it's practically a part of our vocabulary. There are endless lines/quotes that people say on a regular basis thanks to that movie. "You shut your mouth when you're talking to me." "Crabcakes and football- that's what Maryland does."  "Death, you're my bitch lover!" "Make me a bicycle, clown!" "Stage 5 clinger." "Play like a champion." "Might as well be a bull's eye." "You motorboatin’ son of a bitch!" "Just the tip. Just for a second, just to see how it feels." "Mom! The meatloaf!"  

I could go on and on, but simply put: it's one of the last of its kind.

Not to sound like an old lady (I'm going to sound like an old lady), but they don't make them like they used to. It seems like movies nowadays try so hard to be more than they are, as if there's something wrong with just being entertaining. The Frat Pack has been dead, studios aren't investing money into light-hearted comedies, instead, we're left with alleged cinematic masterpieces that are depressing and never shorter than 2.5 hours. Can we just have a fun 1:40 movie that's going to make us laugh and feel good for fuck's sake?!!

"How about if it's just the lawyers representing everyone in divorce court? Wedding Crashers 2," he quipped. "And just make it like a legal courtroom drama, not funny at all."


For McAdams, she too thought divorce was in the cards for the characters of Wedding Crashers.

"Are we all getting divorced?" she pondered.

Maybe her and "we only use 10% of our hearts" will end up divorced, but definitely not Jeremy and Gloria- they're soulmates. Their love has the transformational power to make you believe your special person is still out there, waiting for you. After all, if two complete and total lunatics can somehow find their perfect counterpoint through all the bullshit, so can you.


I can't wait to see their eternal love in the sequel.