Jamal Adams Is Reportedly Hesitant To Sign With The Jets Because Of Adam Gase

This is my fourth Jamal Adams blog in the last week. Not that that is a problem, but as a Jets fan, I would just like Adams to be preparing for the season and his contract situation to be handled. However, that doesn't look like that will be possible for a while. 

More and more is coming out about Adams decision to pursue a trade. To put it frankly: it doesn't appear he likes being a Jet...even though he has posted tweets like these in the past:

At first, we thought it was about money, but it may be more than just that.

It should be said that Mr. Manish Mehta isn't the most well-respected reporter on the Jets beat, but this report isn't the least believable thing I've ever read. Adam Gase isn't the most likable guy in the world. Anybody with a brain knows that.

The Jets locker room hasn't been together with Gase since January and reports like these are still coming out? I know it's Manish Mehta, but you know how much you gotta hate a dude to still talk about hating him even though you haven't seen him since January? I mean I guess he's their boss, but jeez. 

What can cure this? Winning, of course. Will the Jets do that? Probably not. So, I, as a Jets fan, have completely prepared myself for this situation to blow up even more. 

I'll never experience joy as a Jets fan. It's the life I have chosen.