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Corona Patient Dies When His Familly Unplugs His Ventilator to Turn on the A/C

Source - A severely ill coronavirus patient has reportedly died after his family disconnected his ventilator so they could plug in an air conditioner. 

The man was being treated in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at MBS Hospital in Rajasthan, northern India. According to local media reports, his relatives came to visit him on Monday night.

While sitting in his hospital room they began feeling hot, so made the unbelievable decision to unplug his ventilator machine from the power source. They then plugged in an air cooler instead.

Some time later the ventilator's battery ran out and the patient's condition quickly deteriorated. ...

His family informed the doctors who performed CPR but could not save the man, and he died in hospital.

The family then reportedly verbally abused the hospital staff after his death.

OK, I'm going to make a series of assumptions here. Based on what little I know about coronavirus and a lot about what I know about the human condition. 

The news report here is extremely vague about the family in question. But I'm going right ahead and climb way out on a limb of my own guesswork and assume that - ventilator, terribly sick, on life support, can't breathe on his own - that this was an older gentleman. Most likely the family patriarch. I base this on the Covid-19 death rates combined with a knowledge of family dynamics. Because trust me, if this guy was a 21-year-old at the top of his class in college or a cricket star or whomever, he'd be alive today. That family would've fanned him with magazines out of the hospital waiting room to keep him cool before anyone would've given a second's thought to unplugging him and putting him a battery pack's life away from flat-lining. 

But this was an older guy who had reached the ends of his earning potential. When that's your station in life and you want love and loyalty, get a dog. But a family is like cats. Dog's have been known to stay by a dead owner's side for days or travel miles on foot to lay down on their graves. A cat gives you 24 hours of not working he can opener and then you become the dinner. Same with your family. 

I'm sure that long before this poor bastard tested positive, they were wondering when he'd do the decent thing and shuffle off his mortal coil so they could start spending the inheritance. And by the time he was in that hospital bed, he became nothing more than a very expensive cut of meat. And the longer the meter was running, the less there'd be to divvy up when he finally did join the Choir Invisible. I mean, we've all been in hospital rooms before. We know there's more devices plugged into outlets than behind a 2009 home theater. The odds they pulled the one plug that was keeping him alive accidentally are like 50 to 1. 

It happened to this SOB, and it could happen to any one of us once our families realize we've stopped being a financial asset and made that critical slide over the "liability" side of life's great balance sheet. I don't plan on getting the 'Rona. But if I do, I'm putting that respirator plug inside a lock box like some dads put on the thermostats.