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If Baseball Wants To Eliminate Umpire Arguments And Be Safe, Shouldn't They Tell Joe West And Angel Hernandez To Stay At Home?

As part of baseball's new health protocols, MLB is ordering no player or manager to come within 6 feet of umps for arguing a call.

This rule makes sense considering we're doing our best here to social distance ourselves. Also arguing a call with an umpire is rather useless and futile when we have the replay system installed. Obviously balls and strikes are another story, but if you're upset with some calls MLB is asking you to express yourself from a safe distance. This rule could lead to us hearing more of this arguments on live mics which could be fun. Aaron Boone just can't run in an umpires face and lose his mind like last year. He'll just have to scream louder from further away. Seems fair. 

I think Major League Baseball can do themselves one better with being as safe as possible in this instance. How about you don't allow Joe West or Angel Hernandez to be umpires? Sure they can still get paid, I'm not evil, but let's have them sit this season out, and maybe all the other ones that follow. I feel like 90% of the arguing is going to come from their calls anyways, and 90 might be low to be honest. If you eliminate the problem right then and there, we shouldn't have too much arguing going forward. That's how you take a stand and really prevent corona. Get all the bad umps outta here. Poof! No more arguing.