I NEED To Know How This Fight Ended

I'll say this to start: the final episode of Seinfeld STUNK. But the premise and thesis of the episode reigns true - everybody loves watching a good ol' fashioned 2x4 fight from a distance, especially on the internet. Would I step in to stop it? No. Would you? No. Would anyone with a brain? 

No, no and more no. 

The answer is an unequivocal no 100x out of 100. Fuck humanitarianism. Watching people get their ass kicked from afar is grade A entertainment and nobody should ever be vilified for thinking so. Now with that said, I wish this video didn't cut out right before the dude with the dreadlocks went all Bear Jew on the hobo with the greasy, disgusting hair. Need to see what happened. I mean just think about it, this is where the video cuts out:

Jun-24-2020 12-41-24.gif

As an internet blogger, that's just not fair to me. I need the culmination of this video like I need hair to breathe. I want blood and brain matter splattered all over the white Toyota Corolla's windshield in the background. That would have turned a solid "B" internet video into a hardcore A+. People getting curb stomped after pulling 2x4 baton twirling Jackie Chan kung foo moves at the beginning of a fight. 

Guess I'll just have to keep my eyes peeled for the next CHAZ freak show meltdown. Stay tuned.