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Triple-A Nashville Sounds Might Have a Season Where Two Teams Only Play Each Other and Act as an MLB Emergency Player Pool

We've spent months saying how we'd give anything to have literally any sort of live sports. Well, the Nashville Sounds — Triple-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers — are going to put that to the test.

The Sounds are currently trying to scrap together 40 players to break into two rosters and have those two teams play each other 40 times for some sort of makeshift season. This sounds like the real-life version of the basketball league in Parks and Rec when the budget got cut and there was only enough funding to field two teams.

I don't know how well this would work, but this would be a pretty good test of people putting their money where their mouths are in terms of going to see live sports.The Sounds said their hopes are that this will take place during Phase Four of Nashville's reopening and allow for 25 percent of First Horizon park to be filled.

And while it first sounded like this would just be a thing done by the Sounds — and it still might be — there has been some communication with MLB on making this a more interesting endeavor.

There has been some potential discussion that these teams in Nashville would serve as a sort of emergency pool for Major League teams in the event they have a rash of injuries or possibly COVID infections, where teams could pay a fee and select one of the players from these two squads to join that MLB club.

I sort of scoffed at this idea when I first read it but the more I think about it, if there can be any sort of professional baseball with live spectators in Nashville, Tennessee in less than one month, I'm all for it. It's not like there are any particularly good options for anybody at this point.

And much like Ron's and Andy's teams in the two-team Pawnee basketball league, I'm sure these guys will develop a great rivalry.