Riggs Has Morphed Into Some Sort of Bizarro World Seinfeld Character at Del Boca Vista Pinehurst During Quarantine



So for those who haven’t been paying attention Riggs has been living at Pinehurst during Quarantine.   It’s quite the gig.  Everyday is basically groundhog day for him.  He wakes up.  He golfs.  He puts out 1 video of himself golfing 1 hole at Pinehurst.  He doesn’t actually blog about golf anymore.  He just plays it all day long.   How many of the same exact videos can you put out?  Apparently infinity.   Anyway I kept hearing rumors that Riggs had become the Mayor of Pinehurst.   It all sounded very strange.  It’s like when Jerry’s parents run move to Del Boca Vista and run the retirement community.   Well apparently the rumors are true.

I mean seriously what the fuck is this video?   Riggs is legit breaking down and crying?    They are acting like he’s retiring from a position he’s held for 30 years or got diagnosed with cancer.  Honestly this may be the weirdest video in the history of Barstool.   I honestly don’t even know how it’s real life.  Why are you crying Riggs?  What the hell is wrong with you?  And what is wrong with these Pinehurst people?   Seriously when did we leave planet earth?