The Real Zion Rumor: An NBA Executive Thinks The NBA Wants To Get Zion Vs LeBron In The First Round Of The Playoffs

I know Greenie blogged about the rumors swirling out of New Orleans of a new and improved Zion earlier today. But what else are they going to say? Ehh, he stayed the same. He may have put on some weight and we really question if he can consistently hit that 18-footer? No, of course not. That's why this is the real rumor. This is David Stern-esque and that's what I'm here for.

OF COURSE the NBA wants to see Zion vs LeBron. You know why? Money and ratings. Just an absolute no brainer if you're the NBA. I'm not even mad if this is true. We should want to watch the biggest names and best players in this sort of setting. Granted we're not getting anything close to Jordan vs the Celtics in 86, we'd at least get a best of 7 between Zion, a young/fun Pelicans team and the Lakers. You know the team that traded for Anthony Davis and has LeBron? Yeah sign me the fuck up for that. 

I don't even want the NBA to hide it. Just need Adam Silver to come out and be like uhh yeah guys we're a business, we like money. Zion being in this will bring us even more money. It's just smart business at that point. And let's not pretend like this is just an NBA thing either. Every league would make a decision like this to put one of the biggest names in an expanded playoffs.

Sure the Blazers might be better than the Pelicans, but that story sells more. Again, this is where I wish we had Stern more than ever. The man was awesome and you think he was scared of rigging something? Absolutely not. He'd be smirking as the Pelicans sneak in as the 8 seed. I've said it before but give me all these sports conspiracy theories. They are my favorite thing to see people freak out about.