Patrick Beverley Is Already Talking Shit To Jared Dudley And The Lakers

Now this is what I'm talking about. There's nothing really all that outrageous about what Jared Dudley is saying in his tweet. I'm terrified of someone on the Celtics pulling a hammy or some shit once things start back up again. Sure it's a little funny that Dudley is talking about this seeing as how I don't exactly think he needs to worry about this issue, but it is a legit concern. I suppose you could take this as potentially laying groundwork for an excuse if something eventually happens with the Lakers which I feel like Patrick Beverley did.

I don't know why, but his response made me laugh. He doesn't want to hear any of that excuse shit. I think the best part about this whole thing is we all know the Lakers have been working out and playing at some rich dude's gym in LA. JJ Redick told us so. If you don't think the Lakers have been playing 5 on 5 during quarantine you're just being naive. So for Dudley to make it seem like they will only have 2 weeks to prepare is laugh out loud funny.

People forget that this unstoppable force that is the Lakers lost 2 of 3 to Patrick Beverley and the Clippers this season. Their owner and their fans can say this isn't a rivalry all they want, but to me it is. Two teams that are the best in the conference that reside in the same city and use the same building, players talking shit to each other, and the "underdog" taking the season series, this is what a rivalry is.

It's also great to see that despite the hiatus, Patrick Beverley is still very much on brand. A classic case of a guy who you LOVE if he's on your team and you despise if he isn't. A man that gives zero fucks, doesn't matter who you are or what team he plays for. Patrick Beverley very much wants all the smoke, so to see him calling out a Laker for some excuse bullshit is only adding more fuel to the fire that we all want to see. 

We all need to pray to the Basketball Gods that these two face each other in the playoffs. If things stay the way they are seeded now, that's coming in the Western Conference Finals. I don't know what the ratings record is for a playoff series, but I feel confident that matchup would give it a run for its money.

Now, queue the highlights!