Halo Dropped A Teaser For Halo Infinite And It's Getting Everyone All Psyched Up

TSA - A story teaser for we can only assume is Halo Infinite has dropped ahead of the first party Xbox Series X reveal event Microsoft have planned for July. It reveals the Banished to be the antagonists of the highly anticipated shooter.  Recent rumours have suggested that the game will be a “one shot” story, similar to the 2018 God of War. That is to say that it will be one continuous experience with no cuts or breaks. Halo Infinite was announced back at E3 2018, before being confirmed at E3 2019 to be an Xbox Series X (then codenamed Project Scarlett) launch title and cross-generational release, and also coming to PC. The game is built in a new Slipspace engine, created specifically for the title. It will also feature split-screen co-op once more.


Uh oh.  Right before the Xbox Series X event, too.  Touche, Microsoft.  Touche, indeed.  It'll be interesting to see how this one plays out.  A one shot campaign just like the 2018 God Of War (or like universally acclaimed films "Birdman" and "1917", for you non-gamers) would certainly be something.  Until we find out more, can't wait to get the Romper Room back cooking and those Halo boys firing again. Glenny Balls doing his "Jeff D. Loads" while Robbie and Vibbsy gang up on YP's existence for camping/existing is good times had by all.  

Till then, we ride in Verdansk.  Join up.  

Let's cook.