The MLB's War On The Phillie Phanatic Has Gone Too Far This Time

GettyImages-1169180424.jpg Rich Schultz. Getty Images.

I get that we're living through some unprecedented times right now and that desperate times call for desperate measures. But I don't know, man. This sure seems to me like the MLB is using this pandemic as a way to neuter the Phanatic. In what way could having the Phanatic out on the field cause any harm? I'm not sure if the MLB knows this or not but the Phanatic is actually just a guy in a suit. So all you'd have to do is disinfect the suit, and then it's just like putting whoever wears the suit inside of a bubble. 

Go ahead and try to give me one good reason why the Phanatic shouldn't be allowed to rip it up on the quad during games this summer. And what does the league even mean by the Phanatic not being permitted in any restricted area on game days? Who the fuck does the league think they are to say that any in Citizens Bank Park is restricted for the Phanatic? If the Phanatic wants to get up and shake his ass on top of the dugout, he's going to get up and shake his ass on top of the dugout. There ain't shit that Rob Manfred can do about it. 

The Phanatic has rights. And it's as un-American as room temperature beer for the MLB to try to take them away from him. It makes me sick to think the league would try to take advantage of this pandemic for their own agenda, but I guess that's just the world we live in. All I know is that they shouldn't anticipate the Phanatic going quietly into the night. Can't stop won't stop.