Would You Rather Sleep In A Cold Room With No Heat All Winter Or A Hot Room With No AC All Summer?

When my pal Brent posed this question to my friend group chat this morning, I simply did not think it would lead to any sort of spirited debate. In this group chat, it did not. Everyone in there was apparently semi-rational and logical and said no heat no question. To turn out a larger sample size, I popped it on Twitter to see what the people think.

While the majority of individuals did say winter no heat, there was a considerable enough amount of people who said hot room no AC. I am unfortunate enough that I have lived through both. My absolute pile of shit fraternity house in college had no heat in half the house, so I suffered through that for an entire winter (SUNY Plattsburgh, basically Canada, I'm a hero) and came out relatively unscathed. In the cold you can layer and then just mindlessly strip off clothing throughout the night to adjust to the proper temperature accordingly. Does it really suck when you get out of the shower or first get out of bed? Of course. Is it hard to climb into bed when your sheets feel like slabs of ice? For sure. But it sucks for a few minutes and then you are fine.

I also spent a few weeks in that same house without an air conditioner, but it was just that, a few weeks. Why only a few weeks? Because sleeping in a hot room with no air conditioning is one of the most miserable things on the entire goddamn planet. I have vidid memories of just laying on a fitted sheet with my legs pressed against a wall desperate to cool off enough to fall back asleep. Flipping pillows like burgers on a grill dozens of times praying, wishing that it would somehow magically be cold. The worst part? It seems like the more clothes you take off the hotter it somehow gets. Sticking directly to the sheets rather than your clothes is hell. I'm not sure anything has ever capture this better than Elaine in Seinfeld.

I try to be tolerant and see the other side of things/respect the opinions of those whose differ from mine, but not in this case. If you choose a steaming hot room with no AC over a cold room you are a certifiable lunatic. I guess if you're one of these cretins then I'd love to hear you explain in the comments, but I highly doubt any of you can convince me otherwise.