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JJ Watt And Caroline Wozniacki Are Hanging Out Again

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Alright, this isn’t even about Rory*.  Being spotted at the National Championship game was about Rory.  This is about Texans fans.  How freaked out are they right now knowing that Woz has her hooks in JJ?  They gotta be at least a little concerned.  There’s a history here that should warrant concern.  Look at any number of interviews with Rory after he rattled off two majors in 2014.  There’s a through line of comments like, “I’m finally able to focus all of my energy on golf again” and “Golf is my number on priority now” and “I eat, sleep and breathe golf.”  He said it a million times after the break up.  That tells us that Woz is a distraction.  Sure, any girlfriend or wife will be a distraction to an athlete but we saw that Rory was better off without her.  Watt is coming off a great NFL season.  Really great.  MVP-type great.  What happens next season if Watt is playing like shit?  People will blame The Curse of Woz.  The best thing Texans fans can hope for now is that they break it off before the season starts and Watt wins the MVP on Houston’s way to a Super Bowl.




*I mean it still kinda is because I’m sure Woz is all too happy to throw it in Rory’s face that she’s dating a dude like Watt


h/t brooke