Is This Tyler Bertuzzi Face Mask The Hottest "Must Have" Item Of The Summer?

One of the things I'll never understand are the snowflakes who are so offended at even the idea of having to wear a face mask in public. And I get not wanting to wear one if you're just taking the dog out for a walk around the block or if you're going for a run or something. But to privately owned establishments that are asking patrons to put on a mask before going in? The people who make a big scene and try to go in there without a mask because "iT's My RiGhT aS aN aMeRiCaN" are the biggest bozos on the planet. 

But as much as I hate those people, I also hate folks who complain about an issue without presenting a solution. So here's my idea on how we can finally get everybody to come around on the face masks--just get everybody these Tyler Bertuzzi face masks and then nobody will ever want to take them off again. Even post-pandemic, it will be the hottest accessory in the game. It's great for the fellas, it's great for the ladies, it's wonderful for children of all ages. 

You want to make wearing a mask in public about a political agenda? I think you're an idiot, but whatever. However, if you still refuse to wear a mask even when these bad boys exist in the world, not only are you an idiot but you're also an unfashionable pigeon. 

Sidenote: We need Tyler Bertuzzi to bring back this legendary visor tilt. 

GettyImages-623042334.jpg Dave Reginek. Getty Images.