Guy Is Getting The Redskins To Sign His Arm...And Then Going To The Tattoo Parlor And Making Them Permanent

CBS - A fan at Washington Redskins training camp is getting players’ autographs tattooed onto his arm. Charlie White of Quinton, Virginia, is asking players to sign his arm with a Sharpie. He then heads to a tattoo parlor and has the signatures made permanent. The 41-year-old White says his goal is to get all 22 starters. He saved his wrist for franchise quarterback Robert Griffin III — who obliged after Sunday afternoon’s practice.


Well that’s not weird at all. It’s just called being a fan, ever heard of it? 3 rules to being a Redskins fan in 2014: 1) Be extremely optimistic, every season, no matter what. Snyder made big offseason moves, so uhhhh yea, of course they are going to the Super Bowl, don’t be an idiot. DeSean+Garcon+Morris+RG3= Sorry, I couldn’t finish this sentence, I just came too much all over my keyboard. 2) Defend RG3 until the cows come home. Moo, moo, bitches. There is a reason he was the #2 pick in the draft (by the way, Trent Richardson went third, god damnit Cleveland) and a reason he was the offensive rookie of the year. His knee, his shmee. Is it held together by dental floss, a bandaid, and a dirty sock? I don’t know, I’m not a doctor. So in my eyes, alls good in the hood. 3) Get autographs of the entire team tattooed permanently on your body. Guess he’s the only true fan out there, much like the guy who got the Buffalo Bills 2015 Super Bowl tattoo is the only real Bills fan. Ain’t nothing weird at all about saving the spot on his wrist for RG3, a grown man. So what if the only time you ever see the inside of your wrist is when you’re wacking your Dickie’s all part of being a fan. A true fan. Respect.