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LETSSSSS GOOOOO!!! The Knicks Are Reportedly Hiring Worldwide Wes As Executive Vice President/Senior Adviser

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#PhotoshopSZN meet #TamperingSZN, the Knicks are motherfucking #BACK now that Worldwide Wes is on board. I know I spinzoned Wes' deal with the Knicks falling through a few months with it being better to have a power player like Wes working in the shadows off the books like Varys and Littlefinger on some Master of Whispers shit.

But officially hiring a guy who never seemingly wanted a title despite teaching someone like Drake the game actual monster titles like Executive VP and Senior Adviser to go along with what I imagine is a buttload of money ensures he will be focused on getting as many big names to take a look at your franchise. If the Knicks can't get out from under the dark cloud raining shit known as Hurricane Dolan and become appealing to free agents with Leon Rose and Wes to convince the number 1 pick ping pong ball to bounce the Knicks direction for once, the franchise should just be relegated to the G-League until Dolan sells the team or dies. 

Time to start recklessly connecting dots to every contact Rose and Wes have ever had!