Mayor Of Tuscaloosa Says Loss Of Alabama Football Season Would Mean 10-Figure (BILLIONS) Revenue Loss For City

You'd have to be big dumbo to not realize just how important college football is to a lot of athletic programs across the country. 

However, it's bigger than just what college football brings to athletic programs. There would be an immediate economic effect of college football not happening. We know this just from studies that have shown how much money West Virginia brings in Morgantown:

Yesterday, the mayor of Tuscaloosa noted how much money the cities economy could lose if Alabama football did not happen  

SOURCE-University of Alabama football means more to the city of Tuscaloosa than just bringing notoriety to the school and the state with a handful of national championships.

The team also brings in significant cash flow and it could mean a major loss should the college football season get canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. Mayor Walt Maddox told reporters on a video conference call that not having a season could result in about $2 billion in lost revenue.

I'm no economist, so I don't know how such a thing would be calculated, but I do have a brain that realizes $2 billion in lost revenue is not good for anybody. 

Maddox said the city was losing $600,000 per week when the campus was closed due to the pandemic.

We all know the pandemic has been really hard on the economy, but every day I read another one of these stories that note something you don't think about automatically. Businesses may be open in Alabama, but the students aren't there. Their entire business model relies on students. Once you think you've got this pandemic figured out, there's another page of the book that reminds you "sheesh, this goes deep." 

“It’s about a hotel owner being able to pay his or her employees. It’s about a restaurant being able to pay their small business loan. It’s about a family trying to make their mortgage payment. It’s more than just a game,”

The SEC! It just means more!!!!

“It’s important to wear your masks and practice social distancing so we don’t even have to entertain the possibility. If we can regain a football season this becomes a bump in the road. If we lose this football season this becomes a sinkhole,” he said.

So, the entire city is relying upon a football team that consists of players that aren't allowed to profit off their likeness. Makes sense.