Sam Darnold And The Art Of Launching A Football On The Beach

Only 3 things are certain in life...death, taxes, and every single beach football catch quickly devolving into seeing who can throw the ball the furthest. Nobody in the history of the world has ever broke out a football on the beach and it not turning into some sort of dick measuring contest by the end. Nobody is ever just having a casual toss amongst pals for an extended period of time. You have about 5 minutes to loosen up your arm and before you know it, you're just running the "go deep" play over and over again. 

So all I'm saying is that Sam Darnold launching some strikes on the beach isn't really all that impressive. I mean if Stifler can hit that same throw without any warmup, then am I really supposed to be impressed by an NFL quarterback under zero pressure? For sure not. And that's not me being a hater. That's just me saying that there's something about the beach that turns everybody into an elite quarterback. Maybe it's the salt in the air. Maybe it's the breeze coming off of the water. Maybe it's trying to impress the group of girls who clearly love a man with a rocket arm. But as far as beach bombs go, that was a dart for sure. Keep launching the ball like that on the beach and ol' Sammy Boy is gonna find himself with another case of mono.