So The Player The Pacers Didn't Go After That Paul George Demanded To Play With Was... Anthony Davis!?!?

So one of the big stories yesterday in the NBA Twitter world was this quote by Paul George: 

Well this changes a little bit of everything here. Of course the Pacers weren't going to try and go after Anthony Davis. They would have had to trade for him, meaning they would have likely had to gut the roster with the fear of Anthony Davis still leaving in free agency. Now, I think that's stupid. I'm very much in the mindset of if you think you have a chance to win a title, go pull the trigger. It was clear you weren't getting there with just Paul George. But if you put Paul George and Anthony Davis vs LeBron then you might be cooking with something there. 

Remember, Davis had a couple years on his contract, that's worth the trade. I know people get scared of having a guy leave, you have multiple years with Anthony Davis and Paul George. If you get 1 title it's worth it. Not even a debate. Granted, you'd have to beat LeBron and then the Warriors or the Spurs, it's still worth it. Two guys, young/in their prime having a chance to win is a no-brainer. 

But then again why the fuck is Paul George still talking about this? And how did you get Davis to commit to Indiana? He's not from there so it's not like the George getting back to California story. Either way, just a weird story all around. Now I need to know what would have happened if they were able to trade for Davis. Does he still force his hand to LA? Does George still want out of there.