Baseball Is Back, So Lets Get Hyped For Whatever Chaos The Mets Are About To Unleash On Our Souls #LFGM

I'm a simple man with simple pleasures. If you give me a hype video that begins with the piano intro from "Right Now", I'm probably going to fall in love with it instantly as my entire breaks out in goosebumps. If you follow that up with the stylings of Bad Girl Ri Ri on a Jigga song before unleashing a shitload of awesome highlights on my overmatched brain. 

Say what you want about last season, and I have said plenty including I wouldn't wish that type of rollercoaster ride to third place on my worst enemy. But holy shit there were some fucking incredible moments. Titty popping walk-offs for Scooter And The Big Fella, JD Davis 877-RUNS NOW coming through in the clutch, Jacob deGrom once again being the best pitcher on the planet. Sooooooooo much to love about this team outside of the gasoline gang in the bullpen that left Citi Field looking like King's Landing by the time it was all said and done (outside of my guy The Quarter Rican). 

I am forever going to be pissed at baseball for what they put us fans through over the last few months and I'm already petrified for the inevitable hell these 60 games are about to do to my life, especially since Spring Training 2 starts on Bobby Bonilla Day. But even my tattered baseball soul is excited to rejoin my favorite support group known as #MetsTwitter and talk through a whole bunch of shit while watching some of the brightest stars in the game, including Pete Alonso who pretty much jammed this tweet right in Phil Mushnick's eyeball.

God dammit I love that man. Not because just because he doesn't give a fuck and is awesome on the field, but because he is awesome off it too.

LFGM and God bless Polar Bear Pete