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Lewis & Clark & John Wick

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Excuse me if this is common knowledge everyone learned in history class, but you can file this under I had no fucking clue. Lewis Meriwether (I see why Lewis & Clark stuck to first names) threatened to go full John Wick by saying he'd kill anyone who laid a finger on his dog ...


On the return home from exploring the west, a few tools were stolen from Lewis and Clark's expedition, causing the crew to be on high alert. The group traveled thousands of miles without hostile relations with Indian tribes, but when someone dog-napped the groups loyal Newfoundland dog, Seaman (ha!), ... a line had been crossed. 


Lewis sent 3 of his men (he was busy?) into the nearby village to retrieve Seaman, the men returned with the dog. Lewis then threatened to kill anyone who laid a finger on the group's favorite Newfoundland.

Both Lewis and Clark had grown extremely attached their dog, they even performed life saving surgery on Seaman after he was bit on the leg by a beaver. BUT, not all dogs were pets in the Lewis & Clark expedition. Most of the men didn't enjoy the fresh salmon available to them in streams, so often times the expedition would buy dogs to eat for their red meat. 

GIF by WDR Giphy Images.

I can't say I blame Lewis for threatening to go John Wick if anyone else laid a finger on his dog, dogs would do the same for us.

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