Manchester United Is Putting 40,000 Pictures Of Their Fans In The Stands For The First Home Game Today And It Looks AWESOME

Oh hell yeah, this looks awesome. I've talked about it before but we've seen the cardboard cutouts and the Zoom meetings on the side of the pitch, but this? This is as legit as I've seen. Filling 40,000 pictures is better than the cardboard cutouts for sure. I've said it numerous times but do anything that gives you a homefield advantage during this. Why not? What do you have to lose? People making fun of you - you're not Man City, who didn't have enough people to fill their first Zoom screen. 

I'll say this as sports (hopefully) resume here as planned in the States. I actually like the piped in sound noise. I've watched some Serie A matches that are silent and the first week of Bundesliga. The best is when there's enough sound piped in just to hear it but you can still hear that talking on the field. As much as I love players with microphones it's not needed. Give me some fans sound with being able to hear the players too. 

Either way this looks legit.