Wake Up With A Bunch Of Walk-Off Hits On Opening Day

WE GOT OPENING DAY! It's in just under a month from now, and holy shit does that feel good to say. I've got feelings in my body I've never felt before, and I think he only thing that can fix it is baseball. It's a sprint this year, you have a bad month? See ya next year. You get hot for a month, good chance you're riding into the playoffs. Universal DH? Should have been like that anyways. Guy second base to start extra innings? Dumb. But it will give you a better chance for that walk off, literally a single wins the game. That means we get more pies, more cooler dumps, and more fireworks. Give me all the walk-offs, especially on Opening Day. The Orioles had like 3 in a row at one point, nothing better to start out the season. I'm so damn excited for baseball to be back (in a month baring any huge spike in Corona #s).