Touchdown Duggs > Touchdown Jesus: Toledo Defeats Notre Dame to Keep Perfect Season Alive

The thousands of members across Duggs Nation held their collective breaths as the first quarter unfolded. Down 14-0, things looked very bleak, very quickly.

But in the end, Gus Duggerton and the Toledo Rockets took care of business against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, 50-25, in a Tuesday night affair. 

As we mentioned above, the Rockets had his work cut out for him out of the gate. It was a very slow start, to say the least.

However, this lit a fire under Duggs' behind and the Rockets then began to click. Quickly. Very quickly.


In fitting fashion, the Rockets ended the game with the second 50 BURGER of the day.


Tomorrow night, it's the game we have all been waiting for. Gus Duggerton faces the Tennessee Volunteers. The school he took to the promised land just a season ago is now going to be standing on the opposite sidelines in Knoxville, led by star RB Rico Burgerton.

It is going to be dramatic. The tears will be flowing, there will be cheers, maybe some boos, and the emotions will be all over the place. It's another Duggleheader, with the Central Michigan game to follow. It all begins at 8:07 PM ET. We'll see you then.