Stay Hot, Rockets: Undefeated Toledo To Take Down Notre Dame Before Taking Down Tennessee

To be honest, this season is not being appreciated enough. This is hands down the most complete season of football Duggs has played all year. The “tough” start with USC and Florida proved to be relatively easy, regularly scheduled programming for Duggs who won both games with 0 turnovers heading into MACtion. When playing conference games we’ve seen the team get more comfortable and fluid passing the ball, refining an already potent offense. 

Heading into the toughest matchup of the season so far, Notre Dame has one thing Is worried about, an athletic QB. He’s in the Heisman race and there is nothing that gets composure cat more rattled than a QB ripping off long runs. Expect our defense to key in on this and control the tempo/pace of the game. 

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking past Notre Dame, after scoring 60+ points Composure Cat is undefeated and looking to take the #1 ranking in the country. Look for a heavy outside blitz while keying on the QB and playing a lot of press man. All Duggs needs is one stop/turnover on defense and this is over.

We're coming, Rico....

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