DOJ & FBI Determine Bubba Wallace Was Not The Target Of A Hate Crime

A wild 24-48 hours in NASCAR just got a lot crazier. Here is the timeline for review.

Sunday afternoon: A member of Bubba Wallace's team found what was reported to be a "noose" in his garage. This came just a week or so after NASCAR banned the confederate flag from their races, a move Bubba Wallace advocated for. 

Sunday night: NASCAR announces there was a noose found at Bubba Wallace's garage

Monday: Before Talladega, NASCAR drivers and their crew helped push Bubba Wallace's car to the front of the grid in a very emotional moment. 

Today: FBI determines Bubba was not the target of a hate crime. 

As we can see in the NASCAR statement, they described it as a garage-door pull rope. 

After the investigation, it does not appear this was a targeted hate crime. That's good. A big question is why the FBI called it a noose, while NASCAR described it was a garage-door pull rope "fashioned like a noose." Bubba Wallace is going to be compared to Jussie Smollet, but I would really ask anybody who is going to do that to pump the brakes. It was a member of Bubba Wallace's crew that reported this, not Bubba Wallace himself. These two situations, to me, just aren't very similar from what we know right now.