Nikola Jokic Tested Positive For Coronavirus And Is Now Stuck In Serbia

Well, add Jokic to the list of positive tests. His situation is a little more tricky seeing as he's out of the country, but even if he takes his time getting back into the states he should have enough time before the July 11th opening of camp.

I can't help but think back to the videos/photos we saw just a few weeks ago

No masks, no social distancing, basically no safety precautions whatsoever despite this goddamn pandemic happening all over the globe. I believe I read somewhere that someone who played during that run tested positive so it's not really a surprise Jokic got it. Almost like if you go about life and pretend this thing doesn't exist you increase your chances of getting it. There's also this

Not great! 

I have to say it does make me a little uneasy with all these open runs we're seeing on our timelines with NBA players participating. You just never fucking know with this virus. Someone like Jokic is extremely important to the potential success of a Nuggets title run and he's not exactly being all that cautious. The thing is, he's definitely not alone. If I was in charge of a team I would pretty much make it against team rules to do anything basketball related not at the team facility. I don't even know if that's possible but with the return so close now is not exactly the time to be all willy nilly.

Who knows, maybe Jokic will come out of this looking even skinnier and will be able to play a full 48 minutes without ever coming out. Either way you know there are going to be more shoes to drop, and it's going to be everyone from roll players to stars. I think what we're learning is that nobody is safe.

Now, since it's been forever since we've seen him play let's remind ourselves of what a monster Jokic is when healthy