We Need To Get Rid Of Replay Because It's Ruining Sports And All The Best Moments Sports Gives Us

I was watching my beloved Spurs yesterday, nbd got 3 points, when I started getting pissed at replay. Granted, I'm not losing my mind like West Ham manager David Moyes above, but I was when they ruined a goal for Tottenham. This got called off: 

Taking away a goal and ruining the moment because of a maybe offside is just bullshit. Sure we can get into how the offside rule should probably be adjusted in soccer. This didn't have an impact on the goal. It didn't give Son an advantage - which is why the offsides rule is a thing to begin with. If you have one foot barely over the 'offsides' line that a ref can't tell live, it shouldn't be reviewed. 

That's where I want to get rid of replay. It's not even just a soccer thing. How many times do we see college hoops ruined with 3 idiots in stripes circled around a small monitor for 5 minutes to dictate if an extra second went off the clock. In football we have pass interference replays. Baseball, well I would have killed for replay because of the fuck Jeffrey Maier. 

One of the best parts of sports is the moment. Whether it's a guy diving for a catch or a shot sitting on the rim. That's what I miss because replay has just taken it over too much. Don't get me wrong I'm very much on the side of I want the call right. I just don't think we need it for tiny little errors that are impossible to still tell during replay. Make it for the obvious ones. We need more true replay officials that are watching it and can buzz it down so it speeds up. 

I know there are limited sports on right now so anything like this is getting blown up even more, but for the love of God give me my moments back.