If You're Gonna Rob a House, Make Sure It's Not Daniel Bryan's Or He'll Chase You Down And Choke You Out

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FOX - A former WWE champion known as Daniel Bryan chased two burglary suspects he saw exiting his Phoenix home this week and subdued one until officers arrived, investigators said. According to police, Bryan Danielson and his wife, Brianna, drove into the carport of their Arcadia home and saw a door to the house start to open. That’s when Danielson and his wife, a fellow former WWE star known as Brie Bella, ran inside to check on their dog, Josie. “I saw the guys running out the back. I chased them. I caught one of them. I kept him until police got there,” Danielson said. Danielson and Cesar Sosa, 22, got into a struggle, but the former champ subdued him until officers arrived, Phoenix police Sgt. Tommy Thompson said. The second suspect got away. The former champ said he didn’t have to apply the “Yes! lock” — his signature move– to get Sosa to surrender, but he did put him in a rear naked choke hold. “Unfortunately, he wasn’t in very good shape,” Danielson said. “So, it didn’t take much.” Sosa was arrested and faces a burglary charge. It was not known if he had an attorney who could be reached for comment. Thompson said Sosa also had a felony warrant for burglary and kidnapping in another case. Danielson said he was happy his neighbors called 911 to report suspicious activity about 10 minutes before the couple arrived. He said his wife had just picked him up from the airport. “I got really angry at first,” Danielson said. “They’re actually lucky that I got them instead of Brie, because she probably would have been a little more violent.” Brianna Danielson said that while her husband went chasing the intruders, she found Josie hiding in the couple’s bathroom. “We didn’t know if they had Josie, too,” she said. Danielson, known for his “Yes!” chants, is recovering from a previous injury.


1,000 houses to break into, and you choose the professional wrestlers? That’s ballsy as all hell. However I dig the move. When you rob someone, you want to swing for the fences. Why burglarize some random Joe Shmo when you can hit Daniel Bryan’s house? If you get away with it, that automatically gives you bragging rights for days in the burglar community. Definitely gets you nominated for Burglary of the Year at the end of the year award ceremony. But if they weren’t after the glory they should have done their research. Pretty bad luck when the house you choose out of every house is the one owned by a guy who can snap your head off like a bottle cap. And also, how about DB showing some restraint and not putting some wrestling moves on the guy? He’s been out of action for so long with a neck injury, you know he was dying to throw a few knees.

PS: Huge power move by Daniel Bryan taking his last name, shortening it, and making it his new first name. I might start doing that too.