Fuck Yes, SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE Is Coming To HBO Platforms Next Week

One of the greatest comic book/superhero films ever made will finally be hitting HBO's streaming platforms in July. SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE, starring the late Christopher Reeve as the iconic character, was expected to be available during HBO Max's bungled rollout in May but wasn't included for whatever reason. 

The Dick Donner classic was the first big budget Hollywood adaptation of a comic book and was a smashing success. Filled with humor, heart, and Hackman, one of the most expensive movies ever made at the time went on to gross more than $300M worldwide in 1978-79. SUPERMAN also gifted us with one of the greatest soundtracks ever made in addition to its famed opening title sequence.

Its fun-as-hell sequel SUPERMAN II will also be available to stream. Can't wait to fire these two up back-to-back in glorious HD.

The two dogshit, garbage sequels will also be on there as well but this is the only thing they've ever given us.

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