Guy Takes a Photo of a Monster in Loch Ness, Then Tries to Say There is No Loch Ness Monster

Source - A "photograph" of a mystery creature taken by a tourist has sparked a debate over whether it's the Loch Ness Monster.

Steve Challice, from Southampton, claims he took the picture of what he describes as a "big fish" while on holiday in Scotland.

He estimated that it was 30 feet away and about 8 feet long.

After sharing the image of the large creature emerging from the water online, people began commenting that it might be Nessie while others speculated whether the picture was real. 

But even Steve is sceptical, the Daily Record reports.

He says he believes it to be something more mundane like a big fish or a seal.

"Personally I know there has been some interest and some people are saying it's the monster but I don't believe that," he admitted. ...

Author Roland Watson, who runs the  Loch Ness Mystery blog, has been in discussion with Steve since finding the pictures on Facebook.

The writer and Loch Ness monster expert is dubious about the authenticity of the photos, he said: "Up until now this year we only had distant webcam blobs due to the lockdown at Loch Ness, then this image turned up.

"If this is a genuine picture of a creature in Loch Ness, it would easily rank in the top three of all time.

This is so typical of all great cryptozoological discoveries like this. Steve Challice takes one of the top three Loch Ness Monster photos ever taken, practically definitive proof that the creature exists, and then he recants it. Just randomly pulls flimsy excuses of eight foot long catfish and seals that have a secret entrance into a landlocked, freshwater lake that's 50 feet above sea level that they swim into every once in a while just for a change of scenery. Even though they can't survive in it. Sure thing, Steve. I'll buy that. 

The question is, who got to this guy. Men in Black. Scotland Yard. The CIA. Someone who has a vested interest in covering up the existence of Nessie like they have UFOs, Bigfoot, crop circles, cattle mutilations, about a thousand other examples of high strangeness that our governments and Big Science like to deny. 

It's an Occam's Razor scenario. Which is the simpler explanation? That there's a giant catfish or ocean going mammal swimming around in Loch Ness, or that it's the creature that made the place famous and has been spotted for generations? We've explored about 5% of our bodies of water. There are approximately 242,500 marine species that have been discovered and catalogued, and we still add about 2,000 to that list every year. Species of say, prehistoric ichthyosaurs could very easily have survived all that time the way crocodilians and turtles have without being discovered. It makes a lot more sense that this tourist captured one of those on film than some ordinary creature that looks in that Tweet like it's the size of a tree. 

So keep covering it up, whoever is behind this. But who am I going to believe, the actual photo or the guy who took it?

The truth is out there.

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