Two Members Of The Phoenix Suns Have Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Well that's certainly not great! Of course as more and more testing is done there are going to be more positive cases, but after the initial wave I'm pretty sure this is the first positive test we've had in the NBA in a while. Seeing as how Orlando is just 37 days away, that's obviously a little concerning on some levels. My guess is this won't be the last we hear about this either since teams are beginning their testing of players today. Case and point

What I don't think this means, at least not yet, is that the NBA's return is in jeopardy solely because of positive tests. I feel like everyone involved in this return has talked about this and is expecting these type of results. There's still plenty of time to quarantine everybody and be good to go by the time "training camp" opens. The goal is to have everyone be 100% clear by the time you enter the bubble, and obviously that can't happen without testing and then quarantining if guys come back positive. 

But as you can see, there's obviously still valid reasons why players are going to be concerned about Orlando. We aren't done with corona by a long shot. It makes me wonder a little bit about other players on the Suns and how willing they might be to head to Orlando. They have an outsiders chance of getting into that play in series against MEM, but I wouldn't blame anyone who might be a little freaked out about the safety of the bubble. 

I know this though. If one of these players is Aron Baynes then coronavirus is in for a world of hurt. You don't infect Baynes, he infects you. Hopefully everyone gets healthy and has no issues, because a mostly healthy Suns team (no Kelly Oubre Jr) is pretty damn intriguing. People forget before Ayton got suspended they were actually pretty good. They have two legit studs in Booker/Ayton, solid point guard play with Rubio, and Baynes is an unstoppable force. Who's to say they couldn't go on a nice run, get into that MEM matchup and pull off the upset.

A healthy Suns team is pretty fun to watch, as long as they figure out their shit on the defensive end.