Would You Give Your Girlfriend A Hall Pass To Fuck Meek Mill?

So first things first - last week this was the top comment on my blog. 

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Before I get into this week's topic from Million Dollaz Worth Of Game, I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Josh. I'm a social media guy who works for Gaz. I help Brandon and Willie with Ask A Black Blogger. I help Tommy with Stoolie Jeopardy and I'm the idiot who Dave yelled about on radio about calling the Sixers' game a rout. 

I'm also the guy who "attacked" Dave for his comments about the George Floyd situation. 

Anyways now that you guys know who I am I'm gonna get to the point. I'm going to be writing about Million Dollaz Worth Of Game similarly to the way Jake Marsh write about PMT or how Bailey writes about Token CEO. 

If you missed episode 64 of MDWOG, Wallo and GIllie brought back Tony Robinson. Tony played in the NFL but his new claim to fame is being cucked by Meek Mill. 

Mona Love told Tony that she would also fuck Meek Mill and cheat on her boyfirend if she was given the opportunity. She even said if her boyfriend were to fuck Rihanna she would be okay with it. 

I personally feel like if I had the opportunity to fuck Rihanna or someone of her caliber, I’d never be satisfied with fucking anyone else who wasn’t at that level. If you give me a hall pass for her, you’d also have to give me a hall pass for anyone else who is of a similar stature and we’d be going down a slippery slope.

Gillie asked if being cheated on with a celebrity is different/ more acceptable than if you were to get cheated on someone average. Tony didn’t think so and had nothing nice to say about his ex girlfriend who fucked Meek.  Wallo on the other hand  thought it was okay. Wallo said he’d accept it if Idris Elba fucked his girl because he would never have to deal with it or see him.

I don’t know how I’d feel about this. I feel like this is a double edged sword. If a girl cheats on you with someone who you think is beneath you, you’ll always wonder why they did that but if she cheats on you with someone who’s a celebrity or someone you think might be above you, you’re never going to feel like you’re enough. 

I once turned down the opportunity to get with one girl and then later I found out she fucked Melo Trimble and Diamond Stone (two Maryland basketball players) and I was very upset that I missed out on an opportunity to be eskimo brothers with two dudes who I loved and idolized. If I could go back I think I would get with that girl just to say I fucked the same girl as Melo and Diamond.

Ultimately I think I’d rather have my girlfriend cheat on me with someone famous because then I could say my girlfriend is hot enough for said famous person to fuck them but that’s just me. Let me know what you think.