Because It's 5PM On a Friday Afternoon, Here's the Trailer For Hot Tub Time Machine 2


I had 0.0 intention of ever watching Hot Tub Time Machine. Just sounded pretty dumb. But I kept hearing good stuff about it and Craig Robinson is generally a hilarious guy so I gave it a shot and it was pretty good. Not just funny, but an enjoyable movie to watch as well. I feel they marketed it all wrong and made people think it would be a pile of dog doodoo when in reality it was not dog doodoo at all. This movie however looks like what I thought the first would be, a big steaming pile of dog doodoo, but who knows.

PS: You know what sequel sucked? Anchorman 2. One of the worst movie theater experiences I’ve ever had. Just wanted the movie to end. Laughed maybe twice. Cringed 1000 times. A tragedy of a movie.