Gonzaga Landing Florida Transfer Andrew Nembhard Means They Are Just Going To Keep Dominating The West Coast In College Hoops

And just like that we're about to get one of my favorite things in college sports. People losing their mind with Gonzaga being the No. 1 team in the country. It cracks me up every single time because a) those people aren't watching Gonzaga games and b) they still think Gonzaga is some mid-major that doesn't have ridiculous talent. It's why when people take Big Cat's 'Gonzaga can finally make a Final Four' serious are my favorite replies to read. 

But let's get into this Gonzaga team for a second and specifically Andrew Nembhard. He's a former 5-star recruit that spent two years at Florida. He was fine there don't get me wrong, but he was a bit overvalued. Part of that was the fact that Mike White slowed Florida down and essentially failed them this past season. Florida was made to run and play uptempo, he never did that. That's where Nembhard struggled a bit. He only shot 30% from three and actually had a fairly high turnover rate (21%). 

Look at the difference in tempo. Florida was 238th in the country in offensive possessions length, Gonzaga was 8th. That's HUGE for Nembhard. He's at his best when he is getting others involved with that tempo before he attacks the rim with a decent midrange game. 

Now Nembhard is currently a sit-out transfer, which I'm sure he'll apply for a waiver. But Gonzaga is taking him in to replace Jalen Suggs who is going to be a one-and-done at Gonzaga. But if he gets a waiver and eligible to play this year - him and Suggs in that backcourt becomes the biggest story in the game. They are a legit preseason No. 1 team in the country with that backcourt, even if I didn't love the Florida version of Nembhard. 

Oh not to mention Few and Gonzaga are currently in the mix for two of the top-5 recruits in the class of 2021, who would play with Nembhard if he has to sit out. One being Chet Holmgren (a high school teammate of Suggs) 

And just like that Gonzaga is set up to be a preseason top-5 team the next two seasons. Can't wait to see people lose their shit over it.